With new titles being added regularly to the Airspace Store, we’ll be keeping you posted every week with the latest web and Airspace apps. Today, and every Wednesday, is also when we refresh the Airspace Store to highlight new and top-rated titles – check it out.

This week, we have an app that takes you through our solar system, plus a popular app that’s now available for free. On the web, we’re also highlighting a fun flying saucer game.



Solar Walk: Take a stroll through the solar system with this new Mac app from Vito Technology. Navigate through through space and time to learn about our sun’s planets – their trajectories, inner structure, the history of their exploration, points of interest, and more. See them up close, or zoom out to view the entire known galaxy.



Digit Duel: One of the apps that debuted during our launch, Resn’s Digit Duel is newly free on the Airspace Store for Windows and Mac. Your hand is the gun as you face off against bandits, villains, and desperados in this stylish quick-draw shooter.

Web Apps

Before you try Leap Motion web apps, make sure your device’s green light is on, and that you have checked the “Allow Web Apps” box in the Leap Motion Control Panel (General tab). We recommend Google Chrome for these apps.


Flying Saucer Championship: You can play this fun little experiment in your browser. Use your finger or a pencil to guide a flying saucer. Collect red and gold tokens while avoiding obstacles.

As always, we welcome your feedback as we share the latest apps from Airspace and the web. Post your thoughts in our latest app forum thread.

Update 9/12/2014: The Airspace Store is now simply called the Leap Motion App Store.