This week in Airspace, sculpt clay in the air, dive through Stan Lee’s latest creation, and soar above the clouds to explore global weather with our latest apps for Mac and Windows. Plus, a free app from Flow Studios, a new educational app from PBS and Sid the Science Kid, and lots more.

Creative Tools


Reach out and watch your ideas take shape with Sculpting, the free clay sculpting app for Mac and Windows from Leap Motion. Featuring a variety of materials, tools, and environments, Freeform lets you express yourself and create beautiful 3D models. Get the app »

News & Weather

The Weather Channel

Watch the weather for your Thanksgiving travel plans with The Weather Channel. Available free for Mac and Windows, it lets you move across the globe, circle your finger through time, search for cities, and access weather alerts. Get the app »


Stan Lee’s Verticus

Fall through the atmosphere to the center of the Earth with this breathtaking game for Mac and Windows from Spider-Man™ co-creator Stan Lee. Verticus features a new high-tech superhero with a heat-resistant suit who must prevent our planet’s destruction at the hands of an evil alien race. Get the app »

Let’s Fly!


Get ready to build an airplane with PBS and Sid the Science Kid. Designed for young pilots, Let’s Fly! for Mac and Windows includes three unique courses and two difficulty modes. Get the app »


Solve light puzzles to power a mysterious machine in beem for Windows. Reflect, filter, and split beams of light with mirrors, prisms, and crystal shards to create colors and bring the machine to life. Get the app »

Buzz Kill

Destroy waves of enemy insects in this free retro-nostalgic game for Mac. Buzz Kill takes you into an absurd Cold War-style world where bio-genetically enhanced insects swarm on all sides. Control your turret, access special weapons, and stay alive. Get the app »


Inspired by classic hunting games, Duck-n-Kill features an intuitive point-and-shoot gesture, gun reloading, and bonus points for headshots. It’s available free for Mac and Windows. Get the app »



Want to reach out and change the weather? From the creators of Midnight and Sortee comes their latest free app for Mac and Windows – Seasons. With a wave of your fingers, you can transform summer flowers into a swirl of fall leaves, or freeze time to see the seasons you’ve created. Get the app »

Update 9/12/2014: Freeform has been redubbed Sculpting for V2.