In 2014 we released the Leap Motion Image API, to unlock the possibilities of using the Leap Motion Controller’s twin infrared cameras. Today we’re releasing an experimental expansion of our Image API called LeapUVC.

LeapUVC gives you access to the Leap Motion Controller through the industry standard UVC (Universal Video Class) interface. This gives you low level controls such as LED brightness, gamma, exposure, gain, resolution, and more.

All of this data access works no matter how many Leap Motion Controllers you have plugged into your PC.

Discover the network of veins under your skin, revealed in infrared.

Track a physical object like this ArUco-markered cube.

The LeapUVC release features examples in C, Python, and Matlab, as well as OpenCV bindings that show how to stream from multiple devices, track ArUco markers, change camera settings, grab lens distortion parameters, and compute stereo depth maps from the images. Use the Leap Motion Controller to track physical objects, capture high-speed infrared footage, or see the world in new ways.

Control exposure time and capture images within 1/2000th of a second.

Play with different variables to accentuate different parts of the environment.

We hope this experimental release will open up entirely new use cases for the Leap Motion Controller in education, robotics, art, academic research, and more.