It’s been a great week for web-based apps, with Nokia’s here.com introducing Leap Motion capability, and several inventive JavaScript entries added to our Community Toolkit. We also have an OSCulator mapping tool and a method for using the SDK on openSUSE Linux. Plus, new app videos that feature browsing pictures, rocketing through space, and controlling the shape of chaos.

Featured News

Nokia’s Here.com introduces Leap Motion integration

Nokias Here.com introduces Leap Motion integration

Ready to surf the breeze on a paper airplane? Our friends at Nokia have integrated the Leap Motion Controller with their popular mapping and exploration website, so you can fly high above the clouds or in between 3D buildings. Read about it at Nokia’s developer blog or try it out at here.com/leap.

Community Toolkit

Earlier today, we posted 9 interactive JavaScript samples to help you get started with the JavaScript API. After you check out the examples – which include a 3D spinnable globe, visualizers, and JSON data displays – take a look at the source code to see how they work.

LeapJS Examples

We’ve only begun to explore the possibilities of web interaction with gesture control. Leo Celis has taken us another step forward by posting a tutorial on how to move a DIV with your fingers, using the Leap Motion Controller and a simple JavaScript. With potential uses including a scrolling article reader or web-based photo viewer, we’re excited to see what the community can build from this concept.

Another tool for your gesture-controlled musical arsenal. Building from the LeapToOSC processing library, heaversm created an OSCulator mapping that maps each finger and hand’s position in 3D space to a MIDI signal.

knaut’s web-based LeapD3 is a simple visualizer that creates an interactive bar graph from finger data. You can watch the demo video below or download the application from GitHub.

Leap + D3 demo

To see the latest UI elements and sample code shared by the community, go to the example tag on the Links & Libraries page. You can share your code on the Projects & Collaborations forum.

Forum Highlights

Are you ready to control the shape of chaos? With nselikoff’s Beautiful Chaos, your hands shift the coefficients of a 3D strange attractor, so you can explore the curves and ripples of mathematical equations brought to life in vivid color.

Beautiful Chaos

Five simple interactions and a minimalist display. __Adam’s native image browser allows you to scroll through images and browse folders with ease.

__Adam's image browser

Breakneck speed, massive explosions, diverse courses, and a two-player option – Mohydine’s spaceship-flying game Escape Velocity has it all. Check out the newly released teaser trailer below.

Escape Velocity

Last, but surely not least among Linux enthusiasts, billy_blaze42 posted a handy guide for getting the Leap Motion SDK to work on openSUSE Linux.

Developer Events

FITC Toronto Spotlight: Hardware

BA Bahen Center for Information Technology, Toronto, ON
Saturday, June 8
The Leap Motion Controller will be appearing alongside nine other transformative devices, including Google Glass and Arduino, at this day-long event.

Are you giving a Leap Motion Controller demo? Looking to meet and collaborate with other developers? Post your event notices in the Events & Meetups forum.