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What will our digital lives look like in 50 years? At last week’s NeuroGaming conference, David Holz discussed creating timeless experiences and how the digital is increasingly becoming an elemental part of being human. Plus, science and math education through gaming, “wearing” a robotic arm, designing a new art interface, and Ars Technica’s easy guide […]

Drones humming, robots whirring, brains buzzing – hackathon season is in the air! This week on the blog, we’re featuring highlights from LA Hacks, NeuroGaming, and Game+Hack.

Want to wow the crowd at your next presentation? Build the ultimate presentation with Leap Motion and Google Glass. Plus, motion control design on Gamasutra, how AnimakeIt! is making animation easy, slicing a point cloud, colorpicker UI tips, and touchless rotisserie. To subscribe to our developer newsletter and get updates through email, click here.

With new features and a variety of under-the-hood improvements, version 1.2 of Airspace Home and our core software is now available – download it today! Then, kick up your heels and explore endless streams of incredible videos with Vimeo Couch Mode and Leap Motion. Also this week, discover how you can get started with Three.js […]

Everything is awesome with robots. This week on Developer Labs, see how you can build your own Leap Motion-controlled Lego® robot, and how NASA continues to push the boundaries of their six-legged space rover prototype.

Will 2014 be the year of the hackathon? These massive coding parties are popping up everywhere, inspiring everything from nostalgic ’90s experiments to online real-time collaborative 3D tools. This week on Developer Labs, take a look into the wild world of student hackathons – including two web demos with Leap Motion control.

Last week, we saw how touchless gaming can train your brain and help with physical rehab. But what if the Leap Motion Controller could be used to control medical devices during heart surgery? Plus, real-time sign language translation, 10 tips for getting your app into Airspace, and a wall that responds to human movements. To […]

What if casual gaming could help people suffering from physical injuries recover faster? This week on Developer Labs, see how two LEAP.AXLR8R teams are gamifying physical therapy to help victims of conditions ranging from stroke to lazy eye. In other news, check out our latest beta preview – version 1.2 of Airspace Home and the […]

Around the world, artists and developers are using the Leap Motion Controller to break down the boundaries between art and human beings. This week on Developer Labs, we have a table transformed into a musical instrument, creative software reinvented, and how artists are using motion control to change how we experience art. Plus, highlights from […]

Want to build the next great 3D app? Get a running start with our brand-new Boilerplate asset for Unity – featured today on Developer Labs. Plus, a new WebGL demo that lets you control five different music-driven visuals. Also new this week, three.js projects, shark-punching with Oculus Rift, touchless typing, mathematical art, and basketball dribbling like […]