Change is in the air this week with the upcoming launch of our new community platform and 4 additional supported currencies in the Airspace Store. Starting today, you can become a contributor to Developer Labs. Plus, the latest version of LeapTrainer, an interactive graffiti installation, video jogging, and constructing a robot arm.

Featured News: October 29, 2013

New Community Platform Launches November 4

Next week, we’ll be moving to new community discussion software that will integrate our developer and user forums. As a side effect of this transition, both forums will be locked into read-only mode to serve as an archive. Read more »

Developer Labs

Airspace Store Supports 4 New Currencies

Yesterday, we introduced support for 4 additional currencies in the Airspace Store. People in 30 countries around the world can now buy apps in Euros, Japanese yen, Chinese yuan, or British pounds. Read more »

We Want You! Become a Labs Contributor

Want to showcase your latest Leap Motion project, or write a guide to developing 3D apps? We’re now taking submissions for guest posts on Developer Labs. In honor of our recent meetup at HTML5 DevConf, our first week of guest posts will center on web projects – experiences built on our JavaScript API. Read more »

On Developer Labs, you can find deep insights and technical perspectives on Leap Motion projects, natural user interfaces, and developer communities worldwide. (And now contribute them too!)

Community Toolkit

In his latest version of LeapTrainer.js, roboleary adds the capability to learn and recognize motionless poses.

Created by Nathan Selikoff, LeapCircleTouch is a simple dexterity test for the Leap Motion Controller.

To see the latest UI elements and sample code shared by the community, check out Links & Libraries. You can share your code on the Projects & Collaborations forum.

Highlights & Innovations

Simple jog and shuttle controls for video editing. With Shotcut – a free, cross-platform, open-source video editor – you can use hand gestures to navigate through video.

DRAW 2 is an interactive installation in Bordeaux that lets you sketch graffiti-style projections onto a wall.

Sensomusic posted a video of two patches for Usine – a modular music app designed for live performance and real-time installations – that emulate a theremin and piano.

Robotic arm built on a remote-control car. While we’ve seen our fair share of robotic arm controls, Mutasim Ali’s time-lapse construction video takes us through the whole journey – from tinkering to testing.

Developer Events

While we’re still hammering out the details for next month’s developer meetup, you can subscribe to the latest updates on our Meetup page.

Are you giving a Leap Motion Controller demo? Looking to meet and collaborate with other developers? Post your event notices in the Events & Meetups forum.