This week, get ready to change the world with a new accelerator for Leap Motion developers, designers, and entrepreneurs. On Developer Labs, reach into the future of web interaction with guides to using LeapTrainer and Unity Web Player. Plus, how Autodesk is changing the face of design, 3D modelling on the web, and a musical experiment with a salad bowl.

Featured News: November 12, 2013

SOSventures and Founders Fund Launch LEAP.AXLR8R

Are you ready to bring your ideas to life? SOSventures and Founders Fund have launched a new accelerator dedicated to people and startups using Leap Motion technology to change the world. They're offering $25,000 of seed funding, world-class mentors, free office space in San Francisco, and more. Apply today »

Spotlight: Autodesk Reaches into 3D Design

We live in a designed world – where almost everything is conceived in 3D design programs like Autodesk Maya before it takes physical shape. With the Leap Motion Controller, industry professionals are pushing past the flat interface to design and manipulate models. Read more »

Developer Labs: Web Interfaces

Building a Web-Based Motion Interface with LeapTrainer

Want to upgrade a standard web interface to a motion interface in just a few minutes? Rob O’Leary shows how you can harness the power of LeapTrainer, a JavaScript gesture learning and recognition framework. Read more »

Using the Leap Motion Hardware with Unity/Web Player

While the Unity web player is a powerful platform for web developers, its security sandbox prevents direct integration with the Leap Motion API. Luckily, says Dave Edelhart, you can build a bridge using JavaScript. Read more »

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Community Toolkit

Create 3D models and interact with them. Marc Teyssier’s Okyp is a gesture-based 3D modelling web app that lets you create complex shapes, using the first detected hand as a controller and the other as a cursor. Try the demo.

liubo posted a full video of his experiments with the Leap Motion Controller and Open TSPS – a cross-platform toolkit for sensing people in spaces.

logotype updated his LeapMotionAS3 library to the latest version of the SDK.

tylerz added a hand object to the sandbox example for Unity3D.

To see the latest UI elements and sample code shared by the community, check out Links & Libraries.

Highlights & Innovations

Learn about biology in your browser. As an early prototype for an educational human anatomy app, Cees-Willem Hofstede created a web-based 3D pelvis that you can rotate, zoom, and paint.

Buddha illuminated. Brett Ridel used the Leap Motion Controller to simulate a flashlight over a projected image.

Count and multiply on your fingers. Luis Rodriguez’s Juega y Aprende (Play and Learn) is a simple math game to help young learners learn about multiplication.

Using an inverted salad bowl and a marker, Norman Schlüter created an experimental music interface.

Finally, we have two videos that combine Leap Motion interaction with augmented reality to create a virtual molecule and a floating keyboard with finger recognition.

Developer Events

Leap Motion Developer Meetup

San Francisco, CA
Thursday, November 21 @ 6:00 – 8:30 PM

Featuring 3D applications and user interface considerations, our next developer meetup will include a brief overview of our SDK and JavaScript API, as well as demos from our engineers. We hope you’ll join us there. RSVP »