With just one week until our 3D Jam submission deadline, we’re hosting another Let’s Play session today! At 2pm PST, join us on Twitch TV to see the latest demos and chat with your fellow game lovers.

While we ran into some technical difficulties with our audio setup and framerate last time (sorry about that, folks!) we’ll be up and running with a much stronger rig. To set a reminder, subscribe here, and we’ll email you 15 minutes before the session begins. While you wait, here are last week’s 3D Jam Let’s Play highlights!

Soon You Will Fly. But first you must crawl. As a once-glorious flying icon, your virtuous heart has been shattered into pieces. To recover them and pay penance, you must crawl upon the earth. We love the concept for this demo, and while we often flew out of control, building up momentum was lots of fun.

Hollow. With its quietly haunting presence, this low-poly demo is perfectly suited to the Oculus Rift.

Otherworld. We really enjoyed the quiet, ethereal atmosphere of this slow-paced puzzle game.

Puppet Run. Built in just one week, this quick demo lets you race puppets!

Engine 91. We had an absolute blast with this fire engine simulator, complete with levers, raging fires, and firefighter sound effects.

Abstract VR. Unfortunately for those of you at home, it’s hard to get the full effect of Abstract VR with our audio issues. Along with interactive music, it features a really cool photosphere bubble.

Mega Creature Smash. We won’t lie: while we loved building castles and towers with our Legos as kids, there’s nothing like smashing everything to the ground. Mega Creature Smash lets you climb a building and annihilate each story with your bare hands until you reach the top. The sense of vertigo is very real, and we felt ourselves wanting to grab the little people inside – King Kong style.

Cityscape. Exploring the environment and discovering the exit was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an Xbox 360 controller on hand, so moving around was a little tricky!

The Crow. An atmospheric game with lots of exciting content under the surface, we felt like The Crow was taking us into another world – a much older world. The game features a fairly complex set of interactions and goals, and we found ourselves wanting some guidance from in-game tutorials or text-based cues. We can’t wait to try out the final experience!

Of course, we couldn’t wrap up without highlighting Wilbur’s wallpaper, which photobombed its way into everyone’s hearts on the live chat (and is featured on this post). Just in case you’re wondering, it’s a mashup of nine paintings called “Planetary Suite” by artist Steve Gildea. You can download it here.

Which demo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to join us at 2pm PST today at twitch.tv/leapmotiondeveloper.

Alex Colgan is the senior director of marketing and developer community at Leap Motion. By transforming how we interact with technology, he believes we can make our world feel more human.

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