Want to conquer an ionic storm, build a model airplane, or feed a baby turtle? Today, we’re featuring the three latest games to hit the Airspace Store, plus a creative tool that lets you create vivid sculptures in your browser.


Ride through a subatomic storm as a lone ione against an endless stream of red dots in this free game for Mac and Windows. Along the way, you’ll collect powerups, gather lives, and see how long you can last before being neutralized.

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Turtle Treat

Your turtle is hungry – can you feed him quickly enough to stay alive? Grab and deposit fish eggs into his mouth in this simple Windows game. Gather yellow vitamins, avoid red and black balls, and watch your cute hatchling grow into a healthy adult turtle.

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Build and Play 3D – Planes Special Edition

Reach out with your child to build a virtual model airplane with this free construction game for Mac. Designed for young mechanics aged 3 to 6, Build and Play 3D lets you add colorful propellers, wings, windows, and wheels. Slide the pieces together and watch your creation take flight.

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Leopoly is a fun design app that lives in your browser. Create and shape your own 3D models with a variety of sculpting tools, then paint your creation in bright, vibrant colors. To try your hand at Leopoly, make that you’ve checked the “Allow Web Apps” box in the Leap Motion Control Panel (General tab). We recommend Google Chrome for all Leap Motion web apps.

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