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Hack Reactor is a developer bootcamp where people become software engineers through live coding, real-world projects, and meetups. On March 28, Leap Motion’s senior developer Dave Edelhart and I were invited to present the Leap Motion Controller and Three.js. Together with over 30 developers (both in training and from the wider San Francisco coding community), […]

Get ready to play, learn, and create. From arcade-inspired games and alien fishing holes, to Internet time travel and ambient music, the newest apps in Airspace have something for everyone. Plus, three newly available trial apps – so you can try them for free before buying the full versions.

We’ve talked about the magic of WebGL before – how it unleashes the power of the web to do incredible things in 3D. With this latest experiment from Bartek Drozdz, you can reach into your browser and play with a variety of cool visuals to music. A liquid gem, cityscape, spherical lines, and more, all […]

Drawing his inspiration from music, mathematics, and the infinite possibilities of space and nature, Leap Motion experience engineer Isaac Cohen likes to push the limits of the web. At last October’s HTML5 DevConf, Isaac showed how we can rethink web design beyond current interfaces and reimagine what the Internet might look like in the future.

Want to conquer an ionic storm, build a model airplane, or feed a baby turtle? Today, we’re featuring the three latest games to hit the Airspace Store, plus a creative tool that lets you create vivid sculptures in your browser.

TVO’s IdeaShaker Innovation Lab explores emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt learning. They’re the creators of the free educational app Caterpillar Count, which was originally built with web technologies. Web apps are great – people on a variety of platforms can access them instantly, there’s no need for users to upgrade to the […]

The process of instilling wonder has always fascinated me. It’s such an indescribable emotion, but so fervent and real. Attempting to make a person feel wonder is a marvelous quest.

In this post, I’d like to examine a project I worked on, called The Universe of Sound. It’s something that I’ve been working on for quite some time, and although it probably isn’t as cool as I hope to make it sound, I am proud of it, mostly because of how much of my life it consumed.

This week in Airspace, we’ve nearly doubled our apps since launching in July, with over 150 titles for you to discover. These include 3 brand-new web links, 3 Windows games, and a new standalone app for sound designers and professional musicians.

On Developer Labs this week, discover how to start building 3D worlds that you can reach into and control. In other news, read about our Maker and Internet of Things community at RobotsConf, and check out the developer project that won our #LeapSquared photo contest. Plus, updates to OpenLeapKit and the LeapMotionP5 library, magic painting, […]

What does a three-dimensional slice of a four-dimensional object look like? A crowd of 300 gathered at the HTML5 Developer Conference on Tuesday night to explore how our Leap Motion SDK can answer this question and many more, as the future of Web3D crystallizes before us. Our monthly meetup series in San Francisco strives to […]