Every day, we’re surrounded by invisible connections that create an alternate landscape of data highs and lows. This week in Airspace, reach into five invisible cities around the world and watch the terrain warp over time. Plus, four new games, a musical journey through the stars, and an app to help you hand-eye coordination.

Jack Lumber

Got an axe to grind? His granny was killed by trees, and now Jack Lumber is out for revenge. Slice logs and massacre the forest with Jack’s supernatural lumberjack powers and razor-sharp wit. Drink magical syrups to gain power and muscle your way through skill and logic puzzles.

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Jumping Line

Now that’s a game trailer! Created by one of the youngest developers in Airspace, Jumping Line is a minimalistic jump ’n’ run game. Guide your bouncing line through hundreds of levels, or create your own challenges with the level editor.

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Invisible Cities

What will you discover in the data? Dive into the digital landscape around you with Invisible Cities, a social network map that pulls geocoded data from Twitter and Instagram. Activity happening in real time appears as individual markers, while aggregate activity over the last 24 hours creates the underlying terrain – with hills and valleys of data ebbs and flows.

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MusicalMe Motion

Conduct your own musical journey through the stars. With MusicalMe Motion, each finger controls a unique note, so you can create chords with your hands as the universe responds to the music by changing colors.

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Soar into space with a fully carbonated superhero. Shake a soda bottle to maximum pressure and fire Mr. Soda into the air to defeat the evil Dr. Bitter and his ray machine. Keep your balance, dodge obstacles, and grab powerups on your way to the top.

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Flappy Rocket

Flap, don’t tap. Wave your hands and fly through the skies in Flow Studios’ riff on a popular mobile game. Flappy Rocket takes you on a side-scrolling adventure through narrow gaps between columns.

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Hand Eye Coordination


It does exactly what it says on the tin. Move a red dot around the screen to overlap a target dot in this experimental free app, designed to help you improve… well, you can probably guess! Compete with your friends for the highest score.

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Update 9/12/2014: The Airspace Store is now simply called the Leap Motion App Store.