Stuck on a present for your favorite tech lover? Buying new devices can be a tough decision, but we’re here to help. The Leap Motion Controller lets you interact with your Mac or PC with natural hand movements – just swipe, pinch, and wave in the air to make amazing things happen. Here are four ways that the Leap Motion Controller is the perfect gift to make their Valentine’s Day.

Awesome games for everyone. Gunning down gangsters and flying through rings – these are a few of our favorite things! From evil robots and high-tech superheroes to riding musical beats, we have games that you know they’ll enjoy. You can find them all on Airspace, our online app store. Check out some of our top games below:

Bring out their artistic side. You can create almost anything with your hands in the air. Create a song, paint a masterpiece, or sculpt whatever you can imagine. Here are a few creative tools that will unleash their inner artist or musician:

Snuggle close and play together. Pull up a chair and reach into twice the fun with our multiplayer apps, which let you play on the same device. Speed through an exploding spaceship and through dense asteroids, play a musical gravity puzzle, or go bowling on your computer. Check out more multiplayer games on our blog.

It won’t break the bank! The Leap Motion Controller is available now for US$79.99 plus taxes and shipping. To get it today, head over to Best Buy in the US and Canada, or check out our full list of stores in countries around the world. You can also order it online from Amazon US or our website.

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