This week in the Airspace Store, check out a new free game that gives you telekinetic powers to fight evil robots. Plus, 2 new titles for reaching out and controlling your computer, an experimental visualizer that reveals the beauty of math, and a MIDI control app for hardcore digital musicians.


Telekinetic: Take control of your powers of telekinesis and fend off waves of ominous robots in this free, open-source game for Mac and Windows.

Music & Entertainment

OSC Motion: Designed for passionate digital music creators, OSC Motion allows you to control a variety of CoreMIDI-compatible software and hardware with your Leap Motion Controller – from Max MSP and Cinder to Pure Data and Arduino.

Computer Controls

OSControl – Chrome Edition: Browse the web in a whole new way with this new Windows app specially designed for the Google Chrome browser. Use quick flicks and gestures to click, scroll, switch tabs, print, save, and go full-screen.

AirInput: On sale this week for $3.99, AirInput is a new cursor control app with a simple, intuitive point-and-click gesture recognition system. You can left and right click, double-click, and drag and drop, plus access a variety of keyboard shortcuts.


Beautiful Chaos: Math is beautiful. Newly available for Windows, Beautiful Chaos is an experimental art app that lets you create an infinite variety of futuristic, abstract shapes based on complex equations.