Are you ready to turn up the volume with a spin of your finger? Browse web pages and documents with a hand tilt? Check out HandWAVE, the latest computer control app now available in the Airspace Store. Free for Mac and Windows, HandWAVE is a simple, intuitive gesture-based app that runs in the background so it’s always available.

With HandWAVE, you can control your Windows or Mac computer with simple gestures.  While the app is pre-set for media playing and web browsing, you can also configure each gesture to perform a wide variety of actions – including keyboard commands and launching files.

The pre-configured gestures when you download:


HandWAVE is built on the same engine as the popular GameWAVE app by Uwyn. It’s remarkably responsive, easy to configure, and has the ability to filter out unintended gestures.

When you first open HandWAVE, a beautiful tutorial helps you get familiar with the gestures, showing how you can use it to control music and video players on your computer and how to tilt your hand up and down to browse through web pages and documents.

Have you tried your hand at HandWAVE? We’d love to hear about your experience – tweet us @leapmotion or post on our Facebook page.

Update 9/12/2014: The Airspace Store is now simply called the Leap Motion App Store.