By letting people reach out and interact directly with large art installations, the Leap Motion Controller makes the immense feel personal. Recently, we spotted two art installations that use our 3D interactive technology to create immersive new experiences. From an ethereal desert dancefloor at Burning Man to an exploration of Rome’s automotive ecosystem, more people around the world are reaching out and discovering something new about themselves.

Light at Play’s Radiance Dome

Light at Play’s Radiance Dome – winner of the 2013 LuciteLux© JUST IMAGINE Awards from Lucite International on Vimeo.

At this year’s Burning Man festival, a technicolor geodesic dome rose from the arid flats of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create a 1200-square-foot psychedelic dancefloor. Built by Light at Play, an interactive lighting design collective from Eugene, Oregon, Radiance Dome consisted of illuminated panels that shifted in response to hand motion controls – blazing with bright colors or fading into translucence.

During the festival, music pumped from the speakers while colors alternately washed and disappeared over the dancefloor and the desert – breaking down the barriers between inside and outside. The installation won LuciteLux’s inaugural Just Imagine Awards and created a lasting impression at Burning Man, which brings together artistic self-expression and self-reliance.

Glasspiel’s Osmosi Inversa

Created for the exhibition “This is Rome,” Reverse Osmosis explores the environmental contradictions of the Eternal City. Using a sculpture created with pieces of recycled metal from abandoned cars, artist and sculptor Paolo Garau explores how Rome can stand among the greenest cities in Europe, while having one of the highest per-capita rates of cars on the road. Viewers at the exhibition were able to reach above a Leap Motion Controller to illuminate the sculpture – a strange hybrid of a tree and a car door – with industrial and organic visual elements.

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