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Rio de Janeiro’s fourth annual ArtRio Festival overtook Pier Mauá last week. Fifty thousand visitors wandered through over 100 different galleries, taking in world-renowned works right alongside pieces from up-and-coming names. True to Brazil’s flair for the evocative, however, festivalgoers could not only consume art, but create it themselves – designing their very own Heineken […]

This year’s Vivid Sydney light, sound, and ideas festival saw the collision of two powerhouse Australian art collectives – Ethno Tekh and Enig’matik Records. Together they built Enigma’Tekh, a whirring system of massive technicolor projections coating the facade of Sydney University.

By letting people reach out and interact directly with large art installations, the Leap Motion Controller makes the immense feel personal. Recently, we spotted two art installations that use our 3D interactive technology to create immersive new experiences. From an ethereal desert dancefloor at Burning Man to an exploration of Rome’s automotive ecosystem, more people […]

What if social media was art? At Toronto’s Nuit Blanche in October, the designers at Forge Collective revealed their answer to this provocative question with interactive art installation Connexion Point. In the video below, you can see how complete strangers were able to make connections and create a dynamic digital community – exploring stories through […]

Imagine walking into a room and creating a virtual forest in the air. Earlier this month, Vermont-based artist Craig Winslow debuted Growth at SEABA’s South End Art Hop. The original 3D-projection mapping experience put control into the fingertips of onlookers, and garnered great feedback from participants. By using Leap Motion Controllers, Winslow gave people the […]