Ever wanted to smack a troll in the face with a smelly fish? Thanks to the latest free Airspace game, your wait is finally over. Also free this week, play with a magical puppet theater and learn how to write the letters of the alphabet. Plus, defeat wisecracking aliens and read the latest business news by swiping through a Japanese-language online newspaper.

Orc’s Arena

Reach into an RPG fantasy realm. From the creators of Sortee and Midnight comes a new free game for Mac and Windows. Orc’s Arena throws you into the ring to fight monsters with motion control. Take swipes with hand swings, cast spells with gestures, and fight your friends to upgrade your orc.

Download for Mac and Windows »

Marionette Zoo

Create and play with your own stories. Free for Mac and Windows, Marionette Zoo takes you into the whimsical world of puppet theater. Express your imagination through four exotic settings and fun characters like Bird, Monkey, Octopus, and T-rex.

Download for Mac and Windows »

Skywriting Alphabets


Learn the broad strokes. For small children, learning how to read and write feels like gaining a superpower. Skywriting Alphabets is a free Windows game that helps little writers learn by writing letters in the air. Along the way, you’ll hear the story of baby alien Kaju, and discover practice and time trial modes for hours of fun.

Download for Windows »

Alien Frackass

Obnoxious aliens have invaded Earth. Now what are you going to do about it? Alien Frackass lets you take control of a cosmic paddle and whack balls at the invaders. Defend your turf against 5 wisecracking alien species across 18 levels.

Download for Mac »

The Nikkei: Japanese Newspaper

Featuring high-quality reporting and in-depth analysis, The Nikkei is a Japanese language newspaper that covers economic and business news. The online edition is now available with Leap Motion interaction, allowing readers to browse its archives and read the latest news and trends.

Please note that the site is only offered in Japanese, and requires a subscription to the Nikkei online edition. You can sign up for the Nikkei online edition at nikkei.com. Once you’ve subscribed, check out leap.nikkei.com to access the financial world at your fingtertips.

Update 9/12/2014: The Airspace Store is now simply called the Leap Motion App Store.