Could physical therapy be fun, addictive, and stress-free? Last month, LEAP.AXLR8R founder Arvind Gupta showed how Ten Ton Raygun is gamifying the road to recovery for stroke and accident victims. Along with fellow AXLR8R developer Diplopia, they believe that motion control and game mechanics are a powerful combination in overcoming health issues.

In our latest spotlight video, Ten Ton Raygun founder Eric Medine talks about his dream to create his at-home physical therapy app. Since recovering stroke victims tend to tense up as they retrain their brains to perform everyday tasks, his goal is to create a tai chi-like gaming experience that helps users relax while they play.

Alex Colgan is the senior director of marketing and developer community at Leap Motion. By transforming how we interact with technology, he believes we can make our world feel more human.

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