Are you ready to take your #FirstLeap with us, starting now? Leap Motion has just launched, opening the setup page to download our software and making the Airspace Store public. You can check it out here to discover more than 75 apps currently available.

When you start exploring, take a photo or video of yourself using the device, tweet about it, blog about it, or post it to Facebook or YouTube with #FirstLeap. We’re excited to see and hear about everyone’s first experience with Leap Motion, and we’ll be collecting your feedback to share with our amazing supporters around the world. Thank you.

We’re honored that you’re a part of our vision and our new, growing community.

Our official press release:

Leap Motion Launches World’s Most Accurate 3D Motion Control Technology for Computing

Airspace Store Offers 75 New Apps for Leap Motion to Let People Create, Explore, Play and More

Today people around the world take their first leap with Leap Motion™, the motion-control software and hardware company changing the future of human-computer interaction. The company launched its software today, allowing people to control their computers with natural hand and finger movements. It also opened Airspace™, the discovery platform for people to buy, download and launch apps built for Leap Motion’s 3D interaction. Hundreds of thousands of people pre-ordered the $79.99 Leap Motion Controller, which the company began shipping last week.

At launch, the Airspace Store contains more than 75 applications built by developers in more than 20 countries. The wide range of free and paid apps across many categories allows people to create, explore, play, learn and more through new immersive experiences. The Airspace Store will continue to grow as the large Leap Motion developer community brings more applications to keep expanding the many uses of 3D motion control. Anyone can browse Airspace at

“Today marks a tremendous milestone for the company, but we’re just getting started,” said Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald. “Leap Motion enhances the computing experience to allow people to do things in new and better ways, and we’re committed to breaking down the barriers between people and technology to make the future more easily accessible.”

The Leap Motion Controller retails for $79.99, and can be ordered at Beginning July 28, Leap Motion Controllers will be available in Best Buy stores across the United States. It is also available in the UK from Partnerships with Asus and HP to respectively bundle and embed Leap Motion’s technology into select computers, as well as expected retail distribution outside the US and UK, will further expand Leap Motion’s reach.

The Leap Motion Controller works with computers running Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8, or Windows 7 or 8. It requires a minimum Intel Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom™ II processor, 2 GB RAM and a USB 2.0 port.