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Our tiny little device is making a big splash this holiday season. The Leap Motion Controller, which plugs into your Mac or PC, lets you control apps with the wave of a hand. Paint or sculpt clay in the air, drive a car, fight evil robots, explore the universe – it’s amazing what you can […]

Over the last two weeks, lots of people have taken their #FirstLeap with OS interaction using the Leap Motion Controller. While traditional interfaces are designed for 2D interactions, our developers are exploring new ways of bringing 3D interactivity to your desktop. At Leap Motion, we want to enable you to choose your favorite OS apps […]

As our users around the world take their #FirstLeap with us, they’ve shared amazing pictures and videos. We hope you’ll post @LeapMotion to share your experiences too. To view our live gallery feed, click the “Read More” below.

Are you ready to take your #FirstLeap with us, starting now? Leap Motion™ has just launched, opening the setup page to download our software and making the Airspace™ Store public. You can check it out here to discover more than 75 apps currently available.