This week in Airspace, stay alive for a minute at a time with Flow Studio’s newest fast-paced arcade game. Plus, foosball reimagined, match-3 cubes, Korean pop rhythms, an alcoholic balancing act, and 3D interactive mechanical models.


Can you survive for 60 seconds? Flow Studio’s latest game is a minimal arcade thrill ride where you must spin your eight-sided world to dodge speed bumps and holes. Each level lasts only a minute, but time flies fast inside Octagon.

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Victory is your goooooooal! Foosack is a twist on classic foosball with one player per team – an attacker, defender, and goalie in one. Play against the computer or battle your friends in split-screen two-player mode.

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Time is not your friend in cube world. Revertis3D is a unique match-3 game where you must draw on cubes and complete the sequences – before time runs out.

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Lama with a Beer!

Spilled beer is a tragedy. Be a hero and keep your beer aloft in this fun balancing game, featuring retro graphics and energetic Irish music. Challenge your friends and prove that you can stay level-headed under pressure.

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Dive in and master the beat. Wave your hands or fists, master the tempo, and hit falling lights with this rhythm action game that features multiple instruments and several Korean pop remixes.

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Ossewa SolidWorks Plug-in

Explore mechanical creations. The Leap Motion plug-in for SolidWorks mechanical CAD software lets you zoom, pan, and rotate through virtual models – with support for part, assembly and drawing documents. Navigate cars, engines, and everything else mechanical in a whole new way.

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