Along with playing and learning, games are an amazing way to tell stories. With the 6 newest titles in the Airspace Store, you can stretch your mind, enjoy classic games of hand-eye coordination, or explore a unique photographic experience through dreams.


Inspired by traditional brain-training games, Dots for Windows challenges you to draw unique shapes in a single gesture – without drawing over the same lines twice. Want to try a free version first? You can download Dots Trial before buying the full app. Get the app »


Experience the dreams of a young woman who survives a car accident in this award-winning indie game for Mac and Windows, recently adapted for the Leap Motion Controller. Discover different aspects of her identity by using gestures to interact with the dreamscape. Get the app »

Chuck Out


Chuck Out is a free Windows game that tests your recycling knowledge in a fast-paced race against the clock. Catch flying garbage, find the right can, and toss it in – before your time runs out. Get the app »

Darts Party

Test your dart-throwing skills with this classic pub game, now available with Leap Motion control on Mac and Windows. Darts Party features single and local multiplayer modes. Get the app »


Explore the globe and stretch your knowledge of world geography and history with this educational game for Windows. Get the app »


Take your pool game to the cosmos with Cueb, a free physics-based 3D cue sport for Mac and Windows suspended in deep space. Strike planets into portals with your radioactive Quasar until they all disappear. Get the app »

Update 9/12/2014: The Airspace Store is now simply called the Leap Motion App Store.