Shoot ’em ups, games of skill, racing games, retro demos, and more – check out 13 arcade-style 3D Jam projects.

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Arcade Room

Looking for a place to have fun and slap people around? Play darts and test your strength in Arcade Room from Andrei Nistor (@SlapPunchThrow). Just remember that abuse won’t be tolerated, and you might bite off more than you can chew. Andrei is an avid gamer and coder who tinkers with game development at night.

Requires: Windows

Avoid the Cubes


Avoid the Cubes is a fast-paced arcade-style game that’s both easy to play and difficult to master. Use your finger to dodge incoming cubes, while simultaneously collecting as many coins as you can. Creator William Chilcote is a civil engineering student who loves to build games in his spare time.

Requires: Windows, Mac

Leap Carnival

This multiplayer collection of carnival-themed minigames was built as a party game for up to 4 friends. It features unique characters and hands for each player – Weird Business, Bling Bling, Ruby Slippers, and ??? – and balancing, juggling, shooting gallery, and skeeball.

“I’ve been interested in game design all my life, and am currently studying in my final year of games programming,” says Matthew Cormack (@johnjoemcbob). “I went through several iterations of the shooting alone (thanks to the other members of the Abertay Game Development Society for testing and giving me feedback each week of the jam)!  You can check out the iterations I went through in more detail on my blog.”

Requires: Windows, Mac, Linux

Leap Motion Zombie Shooter

You’re a cyborg, equipped with the latest high-tech weapons and just one mission – defend the final human holdouts by killing as many zombies possible in the given survival time. Leap Motion Zombie Shooter includes a two-player mode so you can complete with your friends.

Requires: Windows

mikeNspired Shooter


This visually stunning demo takes you through a mystical world filled with terrifying monsters. Practice at the gun range, then fight enemies and change the flow of time. The creator is currently running a mini-contest where the player who posts the highest scores by January 1st will receive a prize (learn more on the game page).

Requires: Mac, Windows

Racing Car


Speed down the highway, gather coins, and destroy obstacles with a sniper scope.

Requires: Windows



Upload yourself into a classic arcade game from the ‘80s with this top-down VR shooter, complete with head-mounted lasers and enemy mechs in space. REVOLVR was created by Keith O’Toole, a game designer/developer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Requires: Windows

Space Invaders 3D

Blast away invading aliens in this VR take on an arcade classic.

Requires: Mac, Oculus Rift


Created by Brandon Roberts (@brandmooffin), Swarmageddon is a gaming prototype “meant to bring out the intense, fast-paced, top-down shooter style that we love to enjoy playing while making you feel more immersed using the Leap Motion Controller to give an almost hands-on experience.” You can follow more of Brandon’s developments on his Hackster page, where he often posts IoT hacks.

Requires: Windows, Mac


A twist on Tetris, t3Drino incorporates both physics and the Leap Motion Controller. Survive as long as possible by clearing rows using the falling tetrominos. If a tower of tetrominos gets too tall, the game ends! How long can you survive?

Requires: Windows

Walt Kart


Get behind the wheel and drive through a minimalist VR world.

Requires: Windows

Wheel Smith and the Willchair

Previously featured on our blog, Wheel Smith and the Willchair is an early demo that features an experimental locomotion scheme. Use your telekinetic powers to complete various challenges in a virtual gameshow.

“One thing that surprised me while developing Wheel Smith was that young children sometimes understand VR a lot faster than adults,” creator Samuel (@Pancake_Storm) told us, “because they don’t know how a ‘normal game’ should work.” Samuel is an 18-year-old programmer and third-year student in the LBS Lunds game development program in Sweden

Requires: Windows, Oculus Rift

Zombies Shall Not Pass!


The world is over, and it’s too late to be a survivor… You’ve already gotten infected! In Zombies Shall Not Pass, you’re a zombie leader conquering a survivors’ shelter. Ambush survivors and eat brains with your shambling hordes.

Creator Wengu Hu (@DGSpitzer) is a second-year MFA student at the School of Visual Arts. He’s been making games for 12 years, since junior high school, and has experience in digital painting, programming, and music composition.

Requires: Windows, Mac

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