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Interaction design can be a delicate balancing act, especially when developing for VR. In the process of building applications and various UX experiments at Leap Motion, we’ve come up with a useful set of heuristics to help us critically evaluate our gesture and interaction designs. You can see these lenses in action in our Planetarium series, where we experimented with bringing together several different UI widgets.

It’s important to note that these heuristics exist as lenses through which to critique and examine an interaction, not as hard and fast rules.

Tom Cruise is hardly out of shape. After all, he’s been running in movies since 1981. But according to some reports, he had to frequently rest his arms while shooting the Minority Report Pre-Crime scenes. This condition is often called gorilla arm – when your muscles feel sore and stiff after holding out your arm for extended periods of time. So how can we avoid gorilla arm and still feel awesome?

In Introduction to Motion Control, we discussed media and cultural touchstones that have shaped popular perception of motion control experiences, what it means for an experience to be intuitive, and some heuristics to help us give our designs a critical lens. In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into each of these three topics and also […]

For decades, motion controls have held a persistent place in our visions of the future. We’ve watched the super heroes, mad scientists, and space cowboys of popular media control digital experiences with just a wave of their hands. We’ve been captivated by these powerful, natural, and intuitive interactions; imagining what it would be like to […]