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Working with thousands of highly talented and creative people is an essential part of what makes us tick. Our Developer Relations and Developer Program teams work with the Leap Motion developer community to provide support and knowledge about our platform, and with individual developers to help bring their apps to the world. Meet Avi and […]

The Leap Motion hardware is deceptively simple – two infrared cameras and three LEDs, encased in a shell of glass and aluminum. However, as Leap Motion industrial designer Kyle Hay showed on our blog, our hardware is really a labor of love and years of development. We recently asked three of our hardware engineers about […]

It took years to design and build the Leap Motion Controller, and our software engineers are the people who bring the potential of the device’s hardware to life. Earlier this week, we asked some members of our software engineering team to talk about their lives, work, and passions. While you can read their full stories […]