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Last week, we took an in-depth look at how the Leap Motion Controller works, from sensor data to the application interface. Today, we’re digging into our API to see how developers can access the data and use it in their own applications. We’ll also review some SDK fundamentals and great resources you can use to get started.

Last week, we showed you five websites that have been designed for 3D interactivity. Today, we’re highlighting five more web experiments – including a versatile drawing app and a virtual paper airplane that flies above real cities. Before you try them, make sure your device’s green light is on, and that you have checked the […]

While Airspace has more than 75 apps and continues to grow, there’s even more that you can do with your Leap Motion Controller. Developers around the world have been working with our JavaScript API to experiment with interesting new web experiences. From particle systems to creative tools, here are five interesting Leap Motion-enabled experiences for […]

It took years to design and build the Leap Motion Controller, and our incredible team of engineers is continually working to maximize its full potential. Over the coming weeks, you’ll meet the amazing people on our software, hardware, and web development teams – the technical wizards who work behind the scenes to bring 3D interaction […]