Evil forces have returned to Sanctuary, and it’s time to give the devil his due – with nothing but your bare hands. With the Diablo III custom file for GameWAVE, you can explore the world, cast spells, and battle demons with hand gestures and movements.

To get started, launch GameWAVE from App Home, then download and open the custom Diablo III file for Windows or Mac from GameWAVE developer Uwyn’s site gawshare.com. Now you’re ready to defeat the Prime Evils and their minions.

Download for Windows »
Download for Mac »

One of the coolest features in GameWAVE is the ability to alternate between steering and trigger modes – so you can quickly switch between one-shot actions and maneuvering your character. With Diablo III, you can perform nearly any action with your left hand in trigger mode and your right in steering mode.

Left Hand Controls

Trigger Mode: Trigger skills from your action bar and access potions, town portal, friends, quest and journal, achievements, auction house, zoom, game menu, banner, map, inventory, and secondary skill.

Right Hand Controls

Steering Mode: Move through the world of Diablo III, perform mouse clicks and secondary skill.

Trigger Mode: Perform emotes.

Here’s an outline of the pre-configured controls for Diablo III (click for a larger version). As always, everything can be personally customized and saved for future game play.

You can discover lots of new gaming experiences on gawshare.com – it’s the premiere sharing site for GameWAVE files, including Portal 2, Skyrim, and World of Warcraft. Whether you’re fighting demons or brawling with your friends, we’d love to see your experience with GameWAVE and Diablo III. Tweet us @LeapMotion or post on our Facebook page with your stories and videos.

Update 9/12/2014: Airspace Home is now simply called App Home.