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Will 2014 be the year of the hackathon? These massive coding parties are popping up everywhere, inspiring everything from nostalgic ’90s experiments to online real-time collaborative 3D tools. This week on Developer Labs, take a look into the wild world of student hackathons – including two web demos with Leap Motion control.

From musical serenity to hardcore action, 2013 was a great year for Leap Motion gaming. Whether you like fighting violent mobsters and evil aliens, riding musical beats, or exploring a mysterious puzzle, the Airspace Store has lots of great games for you to discover. You can browse a full list of games in our gaming […]

Bernard Drax is the man behind the Drax Files, a mixed reality YouTube channel that combines real-life interviews with in-game machinima to showcase the creations of Second Life. Launched out of Linden Lab in 2003, Second Life allows designers, developers, musicians, social activists, and historical reenactors across the world to pull ideas directly out of their imaginations and into virtual reality. The software is embedded with 3D modeling tools, allowing seasoned innovators like Drax to push the boundaries of space, form, and light. According to Drax, the capacity for immersive navigation in true 3D space has been missing in the span of his seven-year residency. Until now.

Evil forces have returned to Sanctuary, and it’s time to give the devil his due – with nothing but your bare hands. With the Diablo III custom file for GameWAVE, you can explore the world, cast spells, and battle demons with hand gestures and movements.

Are you ready to take World of Warcraft to the next level? Today developer Uwyn released a custom gesture mapping file for playing WoW with their popular game control app, GameWAVE. Here’s a quick guide to unlocking the power of GameWAVE so you can get started killing monsters and crushing your enemies with your bare hands. You’ve never […]

Starting today, the Leap Motion Controller is now available for purchase at The leading online electronics retailer in the US, is a popular destination for gamers and tech fans. To kick off the launch, all purchases of the Leap Motion Controller by October 11 will receive a free download of GameWAVE.

On Friday, a preview of Peter Molyneux’s new game, Godus, became available on Steam Early Access. The godfather of god games, Molyneux is also the designer of Populous and Black & White. Since we announced the Leap Motion Controller, we’ve heard from lots of people excited about using it to play Black & White, so […]

It’s new apps Wednesday at Leap Motion – when we showcase the latest Airspace and web apps. This week, we have an app that takes you into the forests of Japan to train in the art of the ninja star. A popular photo browser adds a Mac version, the web delivers two new ways to […]