Let’s face it – sometimes a computer just isn’t enough. Whether you’re playing a friendly game or crushing your enemies into dust, there’s nothing like pitting your wits and skills against another gamer. From shooting down enemy pilots and smashing orcs with online multiplayer, to playing competitive arcade, pub, and puzzle games at home, here are 11 Airspace games that you can play with your friends and family.

Online Multiplayer


Soar through an alien world in this free online multiplayer game that puts you in the cockpit of an underwater ship with up to nine other pilots. Shoot down your enemies and capture bases to bring your team to victory.

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Orc’s Arena

Fight and defend against monsters and cast up to six spells in this free game from the creators of Sortee and Seasons. Along with a short single-player story, you can test your mettle in the multiplayer arena against up to eight other orc warriors from around the world.

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Paper Football FlickIT

Suffering from post-season football withdrawal? Flick a paper football and go for a touchdown with Paper Football FlickIT. Featuring online multiplayer and a two-player hotseat, you can play your friends around the world or right next to you.

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Local Multiplayer

Want to challenge your opponents in person so you can revel in their defeat? Keep your friends close (and your enemies closer) with these games featuring local multiplayer options.

Escape Velocity

Speed through the narrow corridors of an exploding mothership and dodge asteroids in Escape Velocity, a high-speed spaceship flying game that includes two-player mode and a global scoreboard.

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Designed exclusively for two-player battles, this free competitive puzzle lets you crush your opponent by controlling gravity to drop falling blocks. Score points and smash the competition to a unique classic jazz soundtrack.

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PWN9 puts a new spin on the classic two-player arcade game – every hit splits the ball in two! Overwhelm your enemy, score points, and use special balls to gain advantage.

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Darts Party

Play the classic pub game and test your aim without piercing holes in your wall. Along with realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, Darts Party features a local multiplayer option that will liven up your next house party.

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Super Punch Bowl

Take control and smash the pins with this futuristic bowling experience that lets you alter the ball’s trajectory as it flies down the lane. Play solo or challenge up to eight friends.

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Marionette Zoo

Express your imagination with a free classic puppet theatre that puts the strings in your hands. Marionette Zoo features four exotic locations and several puppet animals, including Bird, Monkey, Octopus, and T-Rex. With the ability to control two puppets at the same time, you and your little one can create your own stories at the same time.

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Challenge your friend or the computer to a battle of the brains with this free puzzle game, where you must complete one of four shapes before your opponent does.

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Think in three dimensions. Derigo is a mind-bending reimagination of tic-tac-toe that takes place in a four-by-four cube. After each turn, you can rotate rows and columns to confuse and confound your opponent. But be careful – one wrong move can turn potential victory into defeat.

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Update 9/12/2014: The Airspace Store is now simply called the Leap Motion App Store.