This week in Airspace, we’ve nearly doubled our apps since launching in July, with over 150 titles for you to discover. These include 3 brand-new web links, 3 Windows games, and a new standalone app for sound designers and professional musicians.

Web Links

To use Leap Motion on the web, make sure your device’s green light is on, and that you’ve checked the “Allow Web Apps” box in the Leap Motion Control Panel (General tab). We recommend Google Chrome for web apps.



Reach into over 15 million songs and the largest online community of music lovers on the web. With Grooveshark, you can access and create playlists, listen to genre-based radio stations, and control your music with a wave of your hand. Check it out »



Now available on the web, PhotoScape is an immersive browsing experience that puts the world’s photos in your hands. Explore your own photos or browse public image streams – including photography, architecture, design, landscapes, and art. Check it out »



Experience a new way to browse, discover, and watch YouTube videos. Videogram pulls the best scenes from each video to create interactive pictorial summaries – so you can explore videos with the same ease and simplicity as photos. Check it out »


Ragdoll Run


Compete against the world in this exhilarating free-runner hit for Windows Phone, now available in the Airspace Store for Windows. Customize your ragdoll and access unique abilities with colorful 3D graphics and intuitive, gesture-based gameplay. Get the app »

Whack A Mole


Moles have infested your yard – but this time, they mean business. Pound waves of enemies into submission and put out fires with nothing but a boxing glove and watering can. Get the app »

Wingsuit Infinity Flyer


Dive into the breathtaking world of wingsuit flying and soar through a challenging obstacle course with Wingsuit Infinity Flyer for Windows. Master the art of flight by flying further and collecting bonuses. Get the app »

Music & Entertainment


Control sound in real time with WaveWarper, a standalone music app that lets you combine and loop up to six sound layers to create a single dynamic file. From there, you can use your Leap Motion Controller to create custom whoosh, Doppler, and passby effects. Get the app »