From walking the streets in scary costumes to carving pumpkins, everyone loves Halloween. This year, celebrate with these 4 apps in the Airspace Store. Featuring skulls, alien invaders, zombies, and spiders, all of them are available for Mac and Windows.

Cyber Science – Motion


Nothing says Halloween like a grinning human skull. Cyber Science – Motion lets you explore, dissect, and reassemble a virtual skull – revealing the anatomical secrets hiding beneath the surface of your skin. Get the app »

Catch Up Calu!

Catch Up Calu kicks off classic sci-fi menace with a fear that everyone can understand – sleeping late! As Calu, you must weave through space, farmlands, and city streets to catch up with your fellow invaders. Get the app »

Dead Motion Prologue

Zombies have overrun the planet, leaving the last vestiges of humanity to fight for their survival in cities swarming with the undead. Armed with handguns, machine guns, and rifles, you must think, run, and shoot to stay alive. Do you have what it takes? Get the app »

Spiders Escape 3D

Spiders from the obscure depths of the Amazon jungle have appeared in a small house in the middle of nowhere. It sounds creepy, but don’t worry – these are friendly spiders who just want to find their families. Help them navigate a strange new world by launching them through spiderwebs. Get the app »

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