Everything is awesome with robots. This week on Developer Labs, see how you can build your own Leap Motion-controlled Lego® robot, and how NASA continues to push the boundaries of their six-legged space rover prototype.

Also this week, we’ve streamlined our app submission process, and built two new LeapJS plugins for you. Plus, an update from the AXLR8R team building a real-time sign language translator, thoughts on how to mount the Oculus Rift, and building light and sound boundaries through interactive art. To subscribe to our developer newsletter and get updates through email, click here.

Featured News

Streamlined Airspace Submissions

As a first step towards re-designing and refining our Airspace app submission process, we’ve separated submissions for app details and binaries. Read more »

LeapJS Plugins: Playback and Version Check

With the release of LeapJS Plugins 0.1.4, you can access two new plugins for your project. Demo or test your app with pre-recorded frames using Playback, or ensure a minimum protocol version with Version Check. Read more »

Developer Labs

NASA and the Future of Human Technology Interfaces

When the first humans step onto the face of Mars, imagine being able to attend the event from your living room. With the augmented and virtual reality technologies currently under exploration at NASA, this is an incredibly real possibility.

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What Can Lego Robots Teach Us About Math?

With the Lego Mindstorms series, people around the globe are able to easily build and program their own customizable robots. With a little code and a concealed laptop, Dr. German Vargas was able to bring some touchless magic to his math students.

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Giving Deaf People a Voice with Sign Language Translation

What if you spoke a different language than your friends and family? For many deaf people, this is an everyday reality. MotionSavvy is breaking down this barrier by using Leap Motion technology to translate sign language.

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How ZX Creates Boundaries with Light and Sound

Earlier this year, visitors to Champlain College in Vermont discovered a strange shape emerging from the snowy campus courtyard. ZX is a 10-foot geometric structure that uses projection mapping and unique sound design.

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Mounting the Leap Motion Controller on the Oculus Rift

M1 Interactive’s experiments with the Oculus Rift are taking touchless interaction into immersive virtual worlds.

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Developer Events

General Assembly + Leap Motion Happy Hour

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Friday, April 18 @ 5:30 – 7:00 PM
You’re invited to an evening of mingling, libations, and good conversation with Leap Motion UX designer Nancy Chen. Beer, wine, and light appetizers will be provided.


Images courtesy of NASA and Lego.