Since July, we’ve seen lots of innovative performances from musicians using the Leap Motion Controller. This weekend, Uriel Yehezkel followed up from his last performance created with GecoMIDI and Leap Motion to drop the bass on some dubstep.

A producer and DJ from Jerusalem, Yehezkel favors slick, cinematic mixes that can make your hair stand on end. Like many musicians who have worked with the Leap Motion Controller, Yehezkel says that 3D interaction adds a whole new element to his rig. When you combine traditional tools with the expressive capacities of the Leap Motion Controller, “you won’t leave your studio for a week.”

“You can really feel the parameters you’re changing with your hands. You can flow with the music and express it with your body. Controlling more than 10 parameters simultaneously with both hands provides you with full control over the construction of the song, the emotion, and the energy.”

GecoMIDI has quickly become a popular choice among digital musicians for its power and versatility. Designed for live performance and quick configuration during rehearsal, it provides a bridge between the Leap Motion Controller and music setups.

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