Musicians around the world are experimenting with new ways to perform their songs using Leap Motion. The Geco MIDI app has been particularly popular in Airspace, and we’ve seen lots of amazing videos showing how musicians are using Leap Motion in their work.

Here are 6 songs from artists based in Israel, the United Kingdom, Iowa, Australia, and Berlin. They’re using the Leap Motion Controller to open a new dimension of responsiveness and flow. If you’re exploring Leap Motion with your music too, we would love to hear from you.

Autumn by Yehezkel Raz and Danski

What happens when you combine Leap Motion technology with a classical piano? Magic.

Yehezkel Raz is a classically trained Israeli musician with a passion for electronic music. Over the last 10 years, he’s been experimenting with new ways to integrate the piano with live electronic instruments and computers. Recently, he began collaborating with electronic musician Danski.

“We are both very passionate in finding new expressive instruments,” says Raz. “It was only a few weeks ago when I saw a video of the Leap Motion Controller on YouTube and I was inspired to try it myself.” Using Geco MIDI and Ableton Live, Raz tweaks and distorts the notes from the piano, creating a fusion of classic and electronic sounds.

“For me, playing a classical instrument with a gadget like the Leap Motion Controller is very natural… and so cool! People in the show just loved it – it seemed like magic to them. In the future, we have big plans for integrating Leap Motion with more instruments, visuals, and effects.”

Drumactica 2 0 by Enrico Bertelli

Enrico Bertelli believes that imaginary instruments can push the boundaries of live performance. In Drumactica 2 0, the UK-based musician uses the Leap Motion Controller to create invisible elements that allow the audience to interpret for themselves what’s happening onstage.

The Leap Motion Controller created “an array of invisible controllers in front of me,” says Bertelli. “I really enjoy a sound that evolves, and I could transform the act of control into a performative act itself. Dominating the air above the acoustic instrument and shaping its timbre by moving my hand was really enticing.

“After a few hours of practice, testing and tweaking, I could swear I felt the beams in my hand, changing as I was changing. The sensation is incredible and brings the electroacoustic performance to a whole new level. ”

By taking away the instruments and emphasizing gestures, Bertelli wants to break down the boundaries between his movements and the music. “I hope people will practice with it, stepping away from the screen and taking the connection between sound design and choreography to the next level. Children will definitely love to interact with it, and it definitely gets your body moving!”

Driven By Motion by David Voy

Iowa-based musician David Voy uses the Leap Motion Controller with Geco MIDI to interact with ambient instrumentals.


Music with the Leap Motion Controller comes naturally to dubstep UK-based producer Sqeepo. He has wanted to play electronic instruments without touching them since he was a kid.

Beat Boxing by Humanelectro

Berlin beatboxer Ryo Fujimoto uses the Leap Motion Controller to bring together his vocal percussion while controlling a variety of effects and synth sounds with his hands.

Monome Integration by Ermin

Using a specialized music device, Australian producer Ermin fuses electronic music with Balkan gypsy vibes to create a trippy, mysterious sound. By waving his hand over the Leap Motion Controller, he can distort the music with easy, fluid motions.

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