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From the US and Australia to Tokyo, Israel, and Berlin, musicians and DJs used the Leap Motion Controller to tweak and transform music in a whole new way. By reaching above the device in studios, concert halls, and dance clubs, they were able to interact directly with music streams and create whole new sounds. Just […]

On Developer Labs this week, discover how to start building 3D worlds that you can reach into and control. In other news, read about our Maker and Internet of Things community at RobotsConf, and check out the developer project that won our #LeapSquared photo contest. Plus, updates to OpenLeapKit and the LeapMotionP5 library, magic painting, […]

Imagine reaching into a song and tweaking it with your fingers, without anything getting in the way. In our latest spotlight video, electronic musician DJ SelArom shows how it’s possible with the Leap Motion Controller and GecoMIDI.

Since July, we’ve seen lots of innovative performances from musicians using the Leap Motion Controller. This weekend, Uriel Yehezkel followed up from his last performance created with GecoMIDI and Leap Motion to drop the bass on some dubstep.

Can one person play an entire live orchestra with only two hands? Using the Leap Motion Controller, GecoMIDI, and a keyboard, Hagai Davidoff was able to dynamically control the flow of a full classical ensemble through natural hand and finger movements in the air. Check out how he did it in the video below.

Imagery, video, text – whatever its form, ephemeral media is a thrill to experience because it’s forever fleeting. Teeming with the threat that if you look away, even for a second, you could miss it entirely. With his completely improvised performances, Russian-based musician Anton Maskeliade brings this elusive principle into the genres of electronica and […]

Musicians around the world are experimenting with new ways to perform their songs using Leap Motion. The Geco MIDI app has been particularly popular in Airspace, and we’ve seen lots of amazing videos showing how musicians are using Leap Motion in their work. Here are 6 songs from artists based in Israel, the United Kingdom, Iowa, […]