Get ready to play, learn, and create. From arcade-inspired games and alien fishing holes, to Internet time travel and ambient music, the newest apps in Airspace have something for everyone. Plus, three newly available trial apps – so you can try them for free before buying the full versions.

The 4D Finger Tennis

Take your game to the next dimension. Control a futuristic paddle as you battle the computer for tennis supremacy. The 4D Finger Tennis features intuitive controls, rich graphics, and fast gameplay.

Free for Windows »

Galactic Asteroid Fighter

Outer space just got a lot more graphic. Inspired by classic arcade shooters, Galactic Asteroid Fighter throws you into the cockpit of a spaceship – in the middle of a dangerous asteroid field! Destroy the asteroids and watch out for enemy aliens.

Download for Mac and Windows »

aliZen Fishing

This isn’t your grandfather’s fishing hole. Cast your line and reel in alien fish across 4 chapters and more than 50 unique scenes. Collect bait, catch bigger fish, and unlock Zen mode for a relaxing fishing experience.

Download for Mac »


Create your own ambient music. Reach into a world of interactive cubes that let you compose and perform beautiful ambient sounds – including chords, drums, natural sounds, echo effects, and more. Muse lets you record and save your creations to enjoy whenever you want.

Download for Mac »

Time Travel

Spin through the past, present, and future. Time Travel is an Internet time machine that lives in your browser. Dive into a unique photo browser that lets you explore historical events and see how everything from food to bicycles evolves through time. (To use web apps like Time Travel, be sure to check “Allow Web Apps” in the Leap Motion Control Panel, and use Google Chrome.)

Reach out on the web »

TomBraining The Gallery Trial

Expand your cultural horizons. TomBraining The Gallery is a unique tour through more than 250 classical art and music masterpieces – plus games and puzzles to challenge your knowledge.

Free for Mac and Windows »

AirInput Trial

Take control of your computer. AirInput lets you point and click with ease by placing the cursor in your fingers. With the trial version, you get the full premium experience for a limited time.

Free for Mac and Windows »

Skywriting Alphabets Trial

Discover the joy of writing. The trial version of Skywriting Alphabets lets your child practice their writing skills with random letters at their own pace. Download the full version to unlock three more gameplay modes, and watch your child learn the letters of the alphabet.

Free for Mac and Windows »