In less than 2 weeks we’re shipping the Leap Motion Controller to more than 150 countries around the world. Amy Purvis, our Supply Chain Coordinator, has been a huge part of the Leap Motion team as one of our first 10 employees.

Although she’s always moving full steam ahead, Amy took some time this week to answer a few questions about getting the Leap Motion Controller out to the world. She also shared some photos she took from a visit to one of our distribution centers.


Where are Leap Motion’s warehouses, and where do they ship?

Our distribution center in Brno, Czech Republic, ships to the EU, Middle East, and Africa. They assemble around 7,000 boxes per day. Our warehouse in Nashville, TN ships to North and South America, and they assemble 12,000 boxes per day. In Singapore, our warehouse ships to Asia Pacific and averages about 6,000 boxes per day. We’ve had all our centers assembling boxes for weeks to be ready for July 22 and beyond.

Why can’t we ship to some countries?

Some countries are particularly tricky to ship to – due to customs, carrier, currency, or regulation issues. We want to ensure the customer has a seamless, easy delivery of their Leap Motion Controller, and thus we have to restrict our country list. Our logistics team is working hard to find solutions and partners to help bring Leap Motion to every country in the world.


What are the estimated times for arrival in each country?

First-wave shipments in all countries will arrive the week of July 22. Specific times will depend on customs and distance from our warehouse. When we ship and charge your card, we’ll provide tracking information for you to follow your order.

What’s it like seeing the Leap Motion Controller on assembly lines across the world?

I’m always amazed at how efficient the process is, and it keeps getting better. Most of our boxes are hand-wrapped, and everything is put into the boxes manually. We rarely use a machine. Thousands of boxes are assembled from every distribution center daily – all by hand.


You visit the warehouse in (let’s say) Brno, and…?

We jump right into quality audits. We select 64 units randomly and inspect them for any defects. We look at everything. We inspect every box, how they’re wrapped and folded, how they open and close, the quality of the corners. We make sure cables are folded just right, stickers placed properly on the device, the documentation is correct, plastic film is clean, and the box isn’t smudged.