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We’ve made some changes to how we ship the Leap Motion Controller globally to customers who purchase from our website. As we continue to build the next generation of our software, we want to streamline how we sell and ship our devices so we can be more efficient. At the same time, we want to […]

Last week, we saw how touchless gaming can train your brain and help with physical rehab. But what if the Leap Motion Controller could be used to control medical devices during heart surgery? Plus, real-time sign language translation, 10 tips for getting your app into Airspace, and a wall that responds to human movements. To […]

In less than 2 weeks we’re shipping the Leap Motion Controller to more than 150 countries around the world. Amy Purvis, our Supply Chain Coordinator, has been a huge part of the Leap Motion team as one of our first 10 employees. Although she’s always moving full steam ahead, Amy took some time this week […]