At Leap Motion, our goal is to push beyond the barriers created by old interfaces, so we can open up new possibilities in a variety of fields. Dan Gill, our head of enterprise business, writes about how Leap Motion technology could transform everything from healthcare to aerospace in the latest issue of Lead IT magazine.


With the rise of mobile technology and cloud computing, we now swim in a sea of data, created and maintained by increasingly powerful devices that play a crucial role in our everyday lives. But our ability to interact with these devices has fallen far behind their true potential, due to limited interfaces and an outdated computing paradigm. In our three-dimensional world, we are limited when we only use a mouse or keyboard to access, explore, and create meaningful content.

With the release of Leap Motion’s new 3D motion control technology, we can now push beyond the barriers created by these old interfaces. The Leap Motion Controller is a small USB peripheral that can track and recognize hands, fingers, and finger-like tools with unprecedented speed and accuracy. With this power and accessibility comes the potential to fundamentally change and improve the way things are done in many different industries.

By using simple hand movements to drive computer experiences, we can now reach out and interact directly with applications in the most natural way possible. People of all skill levels will soon find new applications more accessible and approachable, as they can now learn through intuition and first-hand experience. While there are thousands of potential applications for this technology, here are eight fields that could soon be fundamentally improved with Leap Motion’s technology.


One of the greatest challenges in modern healthcare technology is the problem of sterility – preventing infectious diseases from spreading. A touchless interface opens up new possibilities for interactive technology in hospitals, clinics, and operating theaters. Using Leap Motion technology, surgeons will be able to efficiently access and manipulate 2D and 3D imaging and patient data without coming into contact with surfaces that need to be regularly sterilized. This will save significant time, money, and resources – making surgeons more efficient and allowing OR staff to devote more time to other tasks.


Retailers and brands have long strived to create truly interactive experiences that allow customers to better connect with their products. With 3D motion technology, customers will be able to engage in experiences with products and services through immersive kiosk and displays – including 3D manipulation of products, touring places or things, and experiencing different product options. A world of choices will literally be within their grasp.

Desktop Productivity

By eliminating keyboard shortcuts and allowing for more intuitive interactions, our technology lowers the learning curve for business applications and operating systems. In turn, this will increase worker productivity and job satisfaction. The Leap Motion Controller also delivers on the promise of touch-based technology without the barrier of equipment upgrades.


The Leap Motion Controller offers new and exciting opportunities for engaging students’ imaginations and creativity – from exploring the ruins of ancient Rome, to manipulating and labeling a virtual skeleton. This technology also opens up new levels of accessibility for students with special needs – with natural hand movements translated into fluid interactions creating new levels of participation.


On manufacturing floors, it’s often difficult to interact with critical computer applications, as environmental conditions can make it difficult to use a mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen. 3D motion technology eliminates these issues and allows for greater nuance and control in performing delicate operations.


With the Leap Motion Controller’s precision and ability to capture the unique structure of someone’s hand, it opens up new levels of authentication for access to all types of data, applications, and transactions. Imagine accessing your computer with a scan of your hand.

Data Visualization

The amount of data available to businesses has exploded over the last 10 years. At the same time, we’ve seen a growing challenge – how to manage all of this information to reach actionable insights in a time-constrained, ever-changing environment. With 3D navigation and manipulation, as well as the sharing of this data in a more natural way, we’re taking a major step towards meeting this challenge.

Defense & Aerospace

The precision and versatility of Leap Motion technology is ideally suited to highly complex systems that need to work in real time. Along with the possibilities of security and data visualization, our technology offers faster, more natural ways to interact with important systems in military and intelligence situations – including challenging environments, vehicle/aircraft information systems, and control of vehicles and robotic systems.

— Dan Gill is the head of enterprise business at Leap Motion. Image courtesy of Lead IT.

Whether it’s operating rooms, interactive kiosks, or schools – where would you like to see Leap Motion technology go next? Let us know in the comments.