Whether you’re studying music, or don’t know the first thing about chords and tempo, these four music apps for the Leap Motion Controller offer a magical new way to make music.



  • Capture your natural air drumming movements and play in a variety of styles.
  • Select different kits and patterns, as well as control tempo, for a customized experience.


  • Reach out to pluck and strum a virtual harp, with quick access to a variety of musical scales.
  • Transpose into any key, play chord progressions, or design your own custom scale.

Chordion Conductor

  • Experiment with a new way to make music with a unique, intuitive interface that‘s easy to learn.
  • Choose from a wide range of chords and scales, play melodies, and tweak echo effects.
  • Mix existing instruments or create your own virtual instrument.
  • Use all three dimensions to control volume, panning, modulation, and pitch bend.
  • Available for Mac.

FingerTapps Piano

  • Tap out classic compositions on a virtual grand piano or electric organ.
  • Play along instructions help guide you through each song.
  • Easy, medium, and hard difficulty levels for players of all skill sets.

These apps are fun at any age, and we’d love to see and hear what your kids can play with Leap Motion – submit your stories, pictures and videos here.