Sometimes learning is about taking leaps of intuition to discover new solutions to problems. With the end of #LeapInto Learning week (but just the beginning of our stories about Leap Motion and education), we’re encouraging creative thinking with three imaginative apps that will challenge your expectations.

Our call for great stories from the community about kids learning and playing with Leap Motion continues, though. We’d love to hear about your children’s and students’ experiences with Leap Motion. Please submit your stories, pictures and videos here. And if you’re a teacher bringing Leap Motion into a classroom, please let us know with an email to PR @ 



  • Push the limits of your spatial reasoning as you play tic-tac-toe in three dimensions.
  • Rotate rows and columns for a new level of complexity.
  • Pit your memory and problem-solving skills against the Puzzle Cube.

Gorogoa Puzzle

  • Solve a hand-illustrated puzzle by rearranging tiles that reveal a strange dream world.
  • Let your mind wander as you seek out hidden connections and doorways.
  • Available for Windows only.


  • Think fast about everyday objects and sort them into categories.
  • Increasingly challenging levels make you think deeply about objects and their multiple meanings.
  • Educational mode available for younger players.