This week in the Airspace Store, you can now download trial versions of Stan Lee’s Verticus and Catch Up Calu! before paying for the full apps. In other news, we have two new pig-themed games for Windows – sending them plunging down wells and soaring through the air. But first, a new artistic toolkit and a free world trip for your photos.

Creative Tools

Art Kit – Emperor Edition

Want to get started on your touchless paint masterpiece? Reach into a highly expressive toolkit of inks, brushes, washes, and tools. Art Kit – Emperor Edition for Windows features over 20 dynamic brushes, an image editor, layers, blending, full-screen canvas mode, and much more. Get the app »


Take a tour of your photos around the world. AirGlobe for Mac and Windows gives you the power to sort your photos by place and go on a journey through time by sorting them chronologically. Take a spin, explore the globe, and relive your favorite memories. Get the app »


Pig Patrol

When pigs fly, it’s time to swipe them out of the sky. Pig Patrol for Windows pits you against four different types of pigs with unique abilities. Perform combo attacks for bonuses and access a variety of hectic levels. Get the app »

Bungee Pigs

What goes up, must come down. With Bungee Pigs for Windows, you get to hurl a fully customizable pig down a jewel-encrusted well. But don’t worry – your pig is safely secured with a bungee cord. Dodge obstacles and collect gems, tokens, and power-ups. Get the app »

Stan Lee’s Verticus Trial

Of course, falling and dodging isn’t just for pigs – high-tech superheroes can do it too! In Stan Lee’s Verticus for Mac and Windows, you must prevent the Earth’s destruction at the hands of an evil alien race by free-falling through the atmosphere and into the Earth’s crust. Try the app »

Catch Up Calu! Trial

Ready to be the alien invader? Catch Up Calu! for Mac and Windows features a perpetually late alien who must weave through outer space, farmlands, canyons, and cityscapes to catch up with his companions. Naturally, he encounters a little resistance along the way. Try the app »