This week, we’re happy to announce that the source code for Planetarium is now available on GitHub. It’s been an incredible project so far, and our team is excited to continue developing our core Widgets for VR experiences.

In the Twitch episode at the top of this post, Daniel and Barrett talk about the development process behind Planetarium – including the challenges of VR UX and UI development, how we built the planetarium and foundational Widgets, designing Arm HUD and Widget scaffolding, our roadmap for the future, and more.

Want to dig even deeper? Be sure to check out the team’s recent Developer Diaries series, starting with Introducing Planetarium: The Design and Science Behind Our VR Widgets Showcase.

Alex Colgan is the senior director of marketing and developer community at Leap Motion. By transforming how we interact with technology, he believes we can make our world feel more human.

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