This weekend, Team Leap Motion made the trip from San Francisco to join over 1500 students at the Pauley Pavilion for LA Hacks. Amidst the sleeping bags, Red Bulls, and bleary-eyed jam sessions, we watched as hundreds of hacks came to life. Here were just a couple of the highlights from the weekend:

Patient[n]: A Case Study in Autonomy


Play as Patient[n] undergoing undergoing post-trauma therapy in a medical rehabilitation center. The demo lasts for roughly 6 minutes and features some dark twists.



3D design always gets us excited at Leap Motion, and this experimental Autodesk Maya 2015 integration made a big impression.

Map Motion


By integrating the LeapJS and Google Maps APIs, Team Map Motion was able to bring a variety of hand gestures and features to exploring the world.

Want to see more hacks from this weekend’s competition? Check out the full suite of hacks and demos on ChallengePost, or see some of our highlights on Twitter.