From documents to gaming, it seems like we’re always looking for new ways to use the hidden power of the browser. Now, thanks to the LivePainter team, you’ll soon be able to add motion-controlled animation to that list.

LivePainter is a team of three – Sami Majadla, LeRenzo Malcom, and Nina Corissa Ortiz. While they have a history in animation, they’ve moved on to other creative outlets, since animation is a very tedious process that can be quite frustrating.

Live Painter Demo2

When you’re animating, most of the time spent is used on repetitive tasks – not the more creative side of things. Plus, some of the higher level tools are so complicated that you can actually get a degree in using them, and most people simply don’t have the time or patience for that.

Together, they want to make it easy for anybody to create animations on the web. With LivePainter (follow the link to sign up for the private alpha!), you’ll be able to create and share your own short, fun-loving creations – like an animated 9gag. But it’s about more than just creating a new sharing space. It’s also about revolutionizing an industry and making these tools more accessible for everyone.

We want to decrease the difficulty of making animations by at least an order of magnitude. No more need to keyframe every position that your characters will be in. No timeline. All you have to do is go to and start recording an animation – so a newcomer to animation can create in 2 minutes what would take 20 minutes for an experienced animator using software like Flash.

The first animation made with their software, The Cat & The Vegetables, was animated in a matter of minutes. The LivePainter team then recorded their voices in one take after the animation was finished (with special guest Anastasiy).

Since starting with the LEAP.AXLR8R, LivePainter has created a cohesive interface that already feels like a real product. Their next step is to refine it. “The biggest thing that we’ve discovered is that it’s much harder to make an intuitive interface than we thought. If we hadn’t come to this accelerator, we probably would still be trying to do way too much. This program has helped us focus and narrow our idea into something that can be feasibly done by a small team.”

Once the interface is fully realized, then things will get really interesting. Since LivePainter lives on the web, they want to add real-time collaborative elements – creating a broader platform for animation that can be shared, co-created, and remixed.

Arvind Gupta is the founder of the LEAP.AXLR8R and partner at SOSventures. This post originally appeared on the LEAP.AXLR8R blog.