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For touch-based input technologies, triggering an action is a simple binary question. Touch the device to engage with it. Release it to disengage. Motion control offers a lot more nuance and power, but unlike with mouse clicks or screen taps, your hand doesn’t have the ability to disappear at will. Instead of designing interactions in black and white, we need to start thinking in shades of gray.

When the 2014 Winter Olympics end tomorrow, where will you get your late night curling fix? Easy: Google Earth + Leap Motion. The folks over at MyReadingMapped have created a detailed digital tour of the icy alpine ski and bobsled venues of Sochi, so you can soar above the Men’s and Women’s Downhill and skate […]

  Over the past year, we’ve had a great time working with awesome people at Google on a variety of uses for the Leap Motion technology. On April 22, the Google Earth team announced support for Leap Motion (video here), which is now available to anyone (right now, our early access developers) that has a […]