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Want to soar above the globe, dissect a tarantula, or pull apart a molecule? With 3D interactive apps, students can reach into new ways of learning about the universe. Over the past year, educators around the world experimented with new ways to use Leap Motion technology, and today we’re looking back at two of our […]

Sometimes learning is about taking leaps of intuition to discover new solutions to problems. With the end of #LeapInto Learning week (but just the beginning of our stories about Leap Motion and education), we’re encouraging creative thinking with three imaginative apps that will challenge your expectations.

Whether you’re studying music, or don’t know the first thing about chords and tempo, these four music apps for the Leap Motion Controller offer a magical new way to make music.

From manipulating molecules to exploring our universe, Airspace offers many science apps covering a wide range of core concepts in physics, chemistry, and biology. Here are six apps that will take students on a journey from microscopic to cosmic.

Are you ready to reach out and explore the world? As part of our #LeapInto Learning week, expand your knowledge about distant places with these two free geography apps for the Leap Motion Controller. Give your students a list of locations to find, and time them to see who can fly through them all. Or […]

With September just around the corner, we’ve heard from lots of schools, teachers, and parents around they world. They’re all excited about offering new learning experiences with the Leap Motion Controller. Many schools have ordered Leap Motion Controllers for their classrooms, and parents at home have been exploring educational apps with their kids of all […]

  Over the past year, we’ve had a great time working with awesome people at Google on a variety of uses for the Leap Motion technology. On April 22, the Google Earth team announced support for Leap Motion (video here), which is now available to anyone (right now, our early access developers) that has a […]