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At last month’s App Developers Conference (ADC), Funktronic Labs founder Eddie Lee discussed a variety of best practices for 3D input and hand motion controllers like the Leap Motion Controller. Lee is the creator of Lotus and Kyoto – free experimental Airspace games that feature stunning visuals and fluid interaction design. During the talk, he breaks down the […]

When I first started working with the Leap Motion Controller, my first thought was “wow, a whole new world of possibilities!” My second thought was “this is going to be challenging.” Why is designing for touchless interaction challenging? Lack of feedback. Waving your hands in thin air doesn’t produce any physical feedback, and you can’t […]

Over the past two months, I’ve been impressed with the variety and creativity of Leap Motion-enabled applications we’re seeing in Airspace, as well as the responses we’ve received from our users. We’ve been listening and one thing our users want more of is – wait for it – consistency! Especially when it comes to application […]

With Airspace now open for submissions and launch just around the corner, we want to take the opportunity to share thinking and great examples from throughout the developer community in order to bring our existing User Experience Guidelines to life. For our first post, we want to take a step back and talk about Building Complete Application Experiences.