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When Craig Winslow and Justin Kuzma paint interactive digital media directly onto the physical world, your senses feast in unexpected ways. Last fall, they delivered Growth, an immersive forest of trees you could manipulate and command with your hands in the air. Their most recent Leap Motion installation, ZX, went up this February in Vermont, […]

Earlier this year, visitors to Champlain College in Vermont discovered a strange shape emerging from the snowy campus courtyard. Created by Craig Winslow and Justin Kuzma, the duo behind last year’s immersive forest experience Growth, ZX is a 10-foot geometric structure that combines projection mapping with Leap Motion technology. Recently, we caught up with Craig […]

In this post, the second of my three-part series on LeapJS plugins, we’ll take a look at Proximity Alert, an audio feedback plugin which gives beeps based upon your hand position. It can be used in any app, and is fully open-source.