This week, indie developer HESAW’s Mafia-themed PC rail shooter Blue Estate Prologue made a big splash in the Airspace Store. Free for a limited time and designed exclusively for the Leap Motion Controller, it puts players into the shoes of a trigger-happy mobster who shoots his way through outlandish locations including a burlesque show and a steam bath.

The game is based on the Blue Estate comics series, the brainchild of Viktor Kalvachev. He’s also the Creative Director at HESAW, a newly formed indie studio composed of industry veterans from Darkworks, Ubisoft, and other major developers. To translate the Blue Estate universe – sarcastic, dark, hilarious – into a game, Viktor and his colleagues decided to pace the story and allow the story to unravel on its own terms.

The comic got started because (co-creator) Kosta (Yanev) and I had an idea of a story that we loved so much, writing, that we wanted to share with other people. I told the story in a very new way to comic books that actually hasn’t been done before. Every time something important happens, I change the art style.We realized that with the game – where narration is so important – a rail shooter is actually a really good genre. We wanted motion control in the very beginning. Motion seemed very fun and gets you to move around with the characters.

In the game, you can point at enemies and your Desert Eagle will auto-fire – forgoing the classic challenge of trigger actions in favor of fluid gameplay. You can also take cover by spreading out your fingers and reload by swiping your finger down. “The autofire is allowed by the accuracy and responsiveness of the Leap Motion Controller,” says Viktor. “With these things combined, we bring a new level of quality to rail shooters.”

What do you think of Blue Estate Prologue’s game mechanics and story-driven pacing? Let us know – try it out and post your reviews in the Airspace Store.